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Learning Seat provides online compliance and training solutions to over 480 organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Our products include a course library which contains more than 300 courses, custom e-learning development services and a learning management system.


Legally compliant courses to help you reduce risks to your business.

Professional development courses

Over  300  courses    are   available in our library

Learning management system

Improve the way you deliver, monitor and report on online learning.

Custom course development

Engaging and cost effective learning solutions fit to your business requirements.

Employee Induction

An employee induction is an essential part of your organisation’s onboarding process.

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Are you a small business owner?

Are you Small Business Owner ?

Every business needs compliance training, no matter their size. Learning Seat has developed the Compliance Academy to allow small and medium sized businesses to access online training at a reasonable cost.

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Learning Seat provides e-learning courses and delivery platforms to over 480 organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

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