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Compliance courses continue to dominate our quarterly trends

posted by Learning Seat | 8th June, 2011 | Category : Tips & Resources

Topping the chart with a whopping 10,903 enrolments, newcomer Introduction to The Learning Centre was the only non-compliance course in our top 10 most enrolled courses over the last quarter.

Compliance courses continued to set the trends in our exhaustive library of courses, strengthening our expertise yet again in this space and reinforcing Australian organisations’ hunger to comply with some of the most pressing issues that we face on a daily basis.

In the last quarter alone, we received over 14,000 enrolments for Equal Employment Opportunity (2011), Bullying Prevention (2011) and Sexual Harassment Prevention (2011) courses.

Furthermore, OHS issues still reign supreme in the minds of most organisations, with four out of ten courses holding their weight in the list. Over 8,000 enrolments were recorded for the following four OHS courses: OHS Manual Handling (V2), OHS in the Office (2011), OHS for Australian Industry and OHS Emergency Management.

Sexual harassment prevention continues to be a hot topic. The need to raise awareness and help combat and reduce sexual harassment in the workplace is still prevalent across most organisations.

In April this year, we were once again reminded that while top-notch businesses have sophisticated, sleek policies and procedures in place, the implementation strategy is just as vital.

Essentially, this should be the case for all compliance issues faced by any organisation. This need is further evidenced by the continued dominance of enrolments for compliance courses each quarter.

The 10 most popular courses based on enrolments in the Learning Seat library are:

  1. Introduction to The Learning Centre
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity (2011)
  3. Bullying Prevention (2011)
  4. Sexual Harassment Prevention (2011)
  5. OHS Manual Handling (V2)
  6. Privacy (2011)
  7. OHS in the Office (2011)
  8. Competition and Consumer Law (2011)
  9. OHS for Australian Industry
  10. OHS Emergency Management

Did you know?

Learning Seat’s Compliance Series, written in alliance with and proudly supported by Clayton Utz, provides up-to-date legislative training reflective of modern day issues.

Our compliance and induction courses are beneficial for general awareness in all industries and across all organisational levels. Written in easy-to-understand language, they provide a solid foundation for improved risk management and employee brand awareness across your organisation. Courses cover both employee and management level responsibilities.

Our Compliance Series is designed to provide you with vital knowledge about:

  • Legislative requirements.
  • Minimum standards of behaviour.
  • The benefits of complying with these standards.
  • Real-life scenarios and workplace case studies demonstrating breaches of compliance.
  • What to do if you are involved in or aware of a breach.

View our entire course range in our Course Guide.

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