Vision and mission

At Learning Seat, our vision and mission drives us in everything we do. It informs how we work with our clients, partners and each other to come up with outstanding learning experiences.

Our vision

Changing workplace behaviour for good.

Our mission

Protecting your brand and  people so that your business can thrive.


At Learning Seat our values drive us in everything we do. Embodying these values in all our interactions – whether with clients, partners or each other – is essential to realising our goals.

Take ownership and deliver

At Learning Seat we always behave and treat each other as professionals. That means we’re accountable for how we act, what we do and what we achieve. We know that when we take ownership, we’re more driven to work towards an outcome that goes above and beyond the norm.

Keep learning

We understand the value of learning. We know that staying on top of best practice helps us improve our products, better meet and exceed client needs and stay competitive. Our people are encouraged to take charge of their own learning and use it to improve themselves and, ultimately, the business.

Work together to achieve great things

We know that great success is rarely achieved alone. That’s why we work closely with our clients, partners and each other to arrive at solutions that we can all feel proud of. We take the time to actively engage with each other to be sure that we get it right the first time, every time.

Innovate with purpose

We work in a rapidly evolving industry, so innovation is essential for the sustainability and growth of our business. Being seen as thought leaders places us in higher esteem in the marketplace. That’s why we encourage our people to continuously seek better, more creative solutions that will help us realise our strategic goals and better serve our clients and partners.

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