Arterial blood sampling

Topics covered

Step 1 - Preparation

Step 1.1 - Patient preparation

Step 1.2 - Tray preparation

Step 1.3 - Operator preparation

Step 2 - Cleanse the skin and infiltrate local anesthetic

Step 3 - Palpate for the pulse and insert the needle

Step 4 - Obtain the blood sample and remove the needle

Step 5 - Send the sample for analysis

Learning objectives

  • Indications, contraindications, and complications related to this procedure
  • To examine the status of the pulses before commencing the procedure
  • When to perform and how to interpret an Allen's test
  • The steps of the procedure:
    • Positioning of the patient
    • Cleansing of the puncture site
    • The angle of needle entry
    • The depth of needle insertion
    • Collection of the sample
    • Removal of the needle and application of pressure at the puncture site
    • Placement of the sample in ice
  • Correct post procedure considerations and documentation

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