Australian maritime safety authority (AMSA) talk communicating its marine safety message to australians

With offices all around Australia, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is a largely self-funded government agency with the charter of enhancing efficiency in the delivery of safety and other services to the Australian maritime industry.

In 2011, AMSA entered into a partnership with Learning Seat with the following challenges:

  • The need to implement a national learning management system for all their staff
  • The need to create a bespoke online learning course to compliment its public education campaign around marine safety
  • The need to create engaging, interactive bespoke courses to support the public campaign

National training manager at AMSA, Susan Hull said:

“AMSA was seeking the services of a suitably experienced organisation to develop and deliver an e-learning facility for our Registered Training Organisation and general in house training requirements. AMSA required the ability to offer flexible learning solutions whilst being easy to use and practical.”

What attracted AMSA to Learning Seat was its high level multimedia capabilities and competitive prices.

Working closely with the Learning Seat multimedia team, AMSA became one of Learning Seat’s first clients to utilise an avatar and animation feature in Introduction to Pollution Response course that complemented its marine safety public awareness campaign.

To ensure consistency throughout the training program, an animated penguin character was used to communicate messages around oil spills and chemical spills and the national plan to respond to these disasters.

The course, which is free and available to the public can be accessed via the AMSA elearning centre.

In addition to this bespoke course, Learning Seat has also developed a similarly interactive corporate induction for AMSA staff with an animated ‘captain’ taking participants through the course.

AMSA will also be utilising Learning Seat’s off-the-shelf training and technical courses.

Results :

With its Introduction to Pollution Response course, AMSA is now able to communicate its marine safety message to Australians nationwide quickly and easily in an interactive and engaging format.

In addition, with multiple offices around Australia, AMSA is providing its 300-strong staff with an online corporate induction and the option to further develop in soft skills and compliance areas.

Having successfully implemented the Introduction to Pollution Response course and the corporate induction for staff, Learning Seat and AMSA will continue to develop a number of custom development courses for staff and the public.

Testimonial :

Ms Hull said:

“AMSA is very satisfied with Learning Seats final product and use of animation. We use our e-learning portal for a range of learning and training needs and the learning seat platform has enabled us to do so efficiently and effectively.”

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