Exego, on training their geographically dispersed staff

Exego is one of Learning Seat’s largest clients. The organisation is spread across over 435 locations in Australia and New Zealand and has a team of more than 4,000 dedicated staff. It consists of four separate businesses including Repco, Motospecs, McLeod Accessories and Ashdown Ingram.

Exego was faced with the following challenges:
  • The need to provide accessible, flexible and consistent training in a timely manner to a large number of geographically dispersed staff.
  • The need to create the Exego Learning & Development brand through a single Learning Management System.
  • The need to train staff with the autonomy of managing business specific training at a local level within the one LMS.

Peter Veitch, Group Manager Learning and Development said:

“Exego was looking for a new online learning provider that could not only provide an easy to use and practical training solution, but at a competitive cost. In addition, accurate and detailed real time tracking and monitoring of training completion was critical for centralised compliance and audit reporting purposes. We were also keen on selecting an online training provider that could create engaging and informative courseware under multiple brands, addressing a broad range of topics ranging from the fundamentals of How Cars Work, to Sales Training and Induction and workplace safety.”

After researching the market, Exego chose Learning Seat to deliver a new online learning management system and a range of engaging custom e-learning courses to deploy to their geographically dispersed workforce.

Exego was particularly interested in incorporating the use of Learning Seat’s branching scenario learning tool as part of its training program. This tool, which is an interactive role-playing technology that allows the learner to practise topics such customer service and answering phones, takes the learner in different directions depending on the choices they make.

In addition to developing a standard set of employee training courses using their existing library, Learning Seat also created a number of customised courses to meet Exego’s particular requirements, including:

  • Employee induction
  • Occupational health and safety training courses
  • Product knowledge courses
  • Procedural courses, for example, telephone technique training and Sales training programs, such as “How to sell Windscreen Wipers”

The Learning Seat platform also allows Exego to create and publish its own online content, such as assessments and surveys.


Previously having to send staff off-site for their training, Exego was provided with a more cost-effective option and visually-appealing way to train employees.

Learning Seat has so far delivered over 35,000 training sessions to 4,500 Exego staff members over a two-year period.


“We were very impressed with Learning Seat’s ability to deliver interactive training modules for our employees. We use e-learning as a first port of call for developing our staff. The programs we have in our library of training from Learning Seat are professionally designed and enable us to engage with our employees nationally to improve their knowledge and performance on the job.” – Dane Barber, Exego Learning & Development Consultant

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