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The challenge of leadership development

posted by Lisa Coulson | 19th December, 2014 | Category : Tips & Resources

As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect upon what we’ve seen in the organisational development space.  One of the clear messages I receive from our clients is about the challenges they experience in the leadership development space. The key to a successful leadership development program is having a clear Read more …

End of year message from our CEO

posted by Scott Deane | 17th December, 2014 | Category : CEO Message

I know it’s a cliché but this year seems to have flown. It has been a very big year for Learning Seat and one that we can look back on with pride at what we have achieved and a sense of excitement about what the future holds. Some of the achievements I’d like to highlight Read more …

Event summary: 2014 trends in organisational learning and development

posted by Learning Seat | 15th December, 2014 | Category : Events, News

Last week, Learning Seat presented the results of its research on the topic of 2014 trends in organisational learning and development at a breakfast event. The research was carried out in early 2014 and the results compiled into a whitepaper which can be downloaded from this link. The presentation was delivered in Melbourne at the Learning Seat Read more …

Need a new course? We need YOU to help build it!

posted by John Slattery | 15th December, 2014 | Category : Tips & Resources

The decision to hand an important project over to a specialist is never an easy one. You have a vision of how things might turn out, and you want to feel that the specialist you choose to partner with shares that vision. This is especially true in elearning. One of the most important factors in Read more …

Want to understand money laundering? Better call Saul.

posted by Michael Burville | 9th December, 2014 | Category : New Content & Updates

“Make it out to Ice Station Zebra Associates, that’s my loan out. It’s totally legit; it’s done just for tax purposes…”’ Fans of the hit crime drama Breaking Bad, will recognise this line from the often-funny but rarely honest lawyer, Saul Goodman. Even if you are not one of the millions of fans who tuned Read more …