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Why online compliance training?

posted by Bianca Frost | 17th April, 2014 | Category : New Content & Updates, News

If you want to: Mitigate financial, criminal and reputational risk Reduce training costs and lost productivity Influence behaviour and attitude Improve worker morale and productivity Foster a safe, appropriate, fair and equitable workplace culture Then online compliance training is part of the solution you’re looking for. In addition to our flagship compliance training suite, The Read more …

Social media in the workplace

posted by Michael Burville | 17th April, 2014 | Category : New Content & Updates

The hidden risk associated with the inappropriate use of social media is not necessarily the reduction in workplace productivity, but the speed at which inappropriate comments can become public. In response, ensuring employees are aware of the appropriate use of social media is a growing workplace priority. Gone are the days when a tweet was Read more …

Induction: Don’t let their first day be their worst day!

posted by Catherine Ellis | 16th April, 2014 | Category : Tips & Resources

A well crafted induction is one of the most important elements used by organisations to welcome new employees. However most organisations will agree that it’s challenging to find the time and resources to induct new employees as and when they start. Individual inductions can become such a burden that many organisations choose to delay them Read more …

The easy way to system training

posted by Quinnie Chen | 14th March, 2014 | Category : New Content & Updates, News, Tips & Resources

Imagine you have a table in a Microsoft Word document that spans several pages and you want its column heading to repeat on subsequent pages. What would you do? Now imagine you have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet open and want to sort a column of values in ascending order. How would you do it? Finally, Read more …

Making learning memorable: The real story

posted by Bianca Frost | 13th March, 2014 | Category : Tips & Resources

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin Information doesn’t equal learning and, as Albert Einstein once quipped, “education is what remains after one has forgotten what one learned in school”. If this is true, then the question for learning and development professionals is this: How Read more …