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Learning Seat recently ran a client seminar featuring acclaimed documentary filmmaker David Goldie as one of our guest speakers, who discussed the Survive Armed Robbery course.

David has received many honours, including gold and silver awards in New York and Berlin and three industry-voted Logies. He’s also been presented the peer-voted Excellence in Documentary award from the Australian Television Society an unprecedented three times in a five-year period.

Recently, Learning Seat partnered with David to help convert a documentary style training DVD he created about surviving armed robbery into an elearning course. With his vast experience in creating award-winning documentaries, David is clearly someone who understands the power of storytelling. The combination of his documentary style and Learning Seat’s expertise in elearning has produced something that’s extremely powerful, and ultimately leaves the learner with no doubt about what to do and not do if they’re unfortunate enough to be involved in an armed robbery.

The reason I find this course so compelling is that it tells the story from all sides. It’s raw, unscripted and confronting. The course blends stories from victims and perpetrators, giving learners an idea of what they might experience during the robbery along with possible motives behind it. The stories of the victims stir up learners’ emotions as they see the long-term effects of these horrific encounters. From there it combines these stories with advice from two convicted armed robbers and an ex-police commissioner, giving learners a rounded perspective of armed robberies and how best to respond.

I mention this course because it does exactly what you want an online training course to do. As a learner, you’ll have no uncertainty by the end about what you should and shouldn’t do if placed in the same circumstances. The course is clear and concise with no room for second-guessing or doubts. It drives home its message and is all done within 20 minutes.

There can be no argument that storytelling is the best way to connect with an audience and convey a message. Storytellers appeal to basic human drives or vulnerabilities to grip your attention from the first moment, making you feel things like fear, curiosity or both. David is an excellent storyteller and this course, using the storytelling format, makes the most of his skills to do precisely what it’s intended to do.

If you run or work in a business – however large or small – where there’s the possibility of having someone enter it to commit an armed robbery, then do yourself and your staff a favour and complete the Survive Armed Robbery course. You might just save a life.

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