Our elearning team tested out the new dials in Storyline 360 with a creative spin.

Recently, with the release of Storyline 360, developers can play with  new interactions – dials!

Dials can be used in so many ways, including simulating real-world objects, exploring cause-and-effect relationships and navigating both data and menu options.

Marty (our veteran digital designer) and Steph (our Ph.D.-equipped junior instructional designer) from the Learning Seat elearning team took them for a spin recently as part of their monthly learning and development design challenge.

Save Doug the Pug in space, and see the new dials in action in Marty and Steph’s elearning module.

Meet the Designers

We sat down with Marty & Steph to get the low-down on the Storyline 360 design challenge

LS: What did you enjoy about this design challenge?

Marty: Interface/systems training is something we’ve done before, but putting it in a fictional setting and making it narrative driven meant we could really get creative.

Steph: I loved getting to be extra creative at work and teaming up with Marty to come up with something fun and silly while learning how to use features of Storyline 360.

LS: Did you face any challenges when you were creating this module?

Steph: The time limit was the toughest part. We had two hours each, plus half an hour of brainstorming/concept planning. Knowing that we have these time constraints in place is hard because we had fun putting this together – it’s easy to keep going when you’re having fun creating something.

Marty: Learning about new Storyline features, while figuring out the best way to setup visuals & interactions we don’t frequently do, all within a very short time frame.

LS: How can dials in Storyline 360 be used in a more meaningful manner in elearning?

Marty: Using them as an interactive component in systems training that simulates interfaces with real life dials is an obvious answer, but they can also be used in other intuitive ways like rotating pre-rendered 3D objects.

Steph: Dials have so much potential to engage the learner in the narrative within the elearning course. I’ll always advocate incorporating something that’s interactive and feels less like ‘learning’ and more like ‘doing’.

LS: What would be your dream design challenge?

Marty: Anything involving new technology like 3D or VR or newly supported web browser features, anything that allows us to experiment with new ideas and find unexpected solutions.

Steph: I’d love to have a go at some gamification and to create a branching scenario in this module.  [SPOILER ALERT] What if the aliens were actually friendly and you chose NOT to blast them with lasers? Maybe they could be your new besties!

LS: How much do you love Doug the Pug?

Steph: I am unashamedly Doug’s biggest fan. I follow him on all his social media accounts! He’s so relatable.

Marty: I didn’t realise he was an actual celebrity until a few days ago, but I’d like to see him featured more in our future work.

LS: And finally, what is your favourite songs about space?

Steph: Definitely Flight of the Conchords’ ‘Bowie’s in Space’.

Marty: I would also add Bowie’s in Space by the Flight of the Conchords…but Steph already stole it. I’ll go Intergalactic – Beastie Boys instead, or any of the real Bowie songs about space.

And there you have it, some insight on using the new features of Storyline 360 and some galactic playlist tips from a couple members of our team. You can take the course and the new Storyline 360 dials for a spin in the Save Doug the Pug elearning module here.

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