Microlearning Webinar

Microlearning is a hot new buzzword in the world of learning and development, but we’re on a mission to prove it’s more than just some learning design trend. Microlearning can boost performance and drive results by connecting your training to the way people learn: short bursts, with big impact.

​In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll be knowledge-sharing on why microlearning is an effective learning design approach for you and your teams, and how you can incorporate it into your next learning program.

​Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Microlearning definitions and delivery
  • How microlearning is best suited for today’s modern worker
  • The benefits of microlearning
  • Why microlearning is an effective tool for your compliance program
  • A look at Learning Seat’s newly launched Workplace Ethics Microlearning program.

​Join us on Thursday March 23rd at 11am AEDT for this complimentary 30-minute webinar to understand microlearning and how it can help your business, grow your people and help your bottom line. Previous engagements? Can’t make it? We’ll be sending all registrants a copy of the webinar recording and slidedeck following the event.​

About Your Webinar Presenters:

Claire Lavin is Learning Seat’s Library Product Manager, and has over a decade worth of experience in communications, digital education and instructional design. Possessing degrees in Arts and Communications, and a postgraduate Multimedia degree, Claire is passionate about adult learning and digital education. With strong skills in content development and project management, Claire knows how to design elearning that caters to all learning needs.

Kate Bos joined Learning Seat in 2016 and the Compliance Product Manager. Kate has over fifteen years’ experience working in the Financial Services industry and over ten years’ experience working as a Risk & Compliance Manager. Kate built an enterprise-wide risk and compliance training and communications framework including eLearning, covering both legislations, and local and global company-based policies. Kate is passionate about the promotion of a compliant culture within an organisation and is an Associate of the Governance, Risk & Compliance Institute.