Computing skills

Most office employees have learnt computing skills on the job and may have skills gaps across a variety of everyday applications. Improve workforce efficiency and improve job performance by upskilling your employees’ computer skills. Courses in this category cover a broad range of topics from word processing applications to design programs. 

How to Deliver a Presentation

This course has been designed to provide your workers with the knowledge and confidence to plan, deliver and evaluate presentations in the workplace.The course is broken into two parts. Part 1 provide...

Duration:Approximately 40 minutes

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Microsoft Office suite

Atomic Learning’s Microsoft Office Skills suite of courses will give your people the skills and knowledge they need to effectively and efficiently use any of Microsoft Office’s application...

Duration:Each course should take between about 20 minutes and two hours to complete, depending on the content being covered.

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Microsoft Operating Systems

Learning Seat, in partnership with Atomic Training, brings you a ‘Microsoft operating systems’ suite of courses that will give your people the skills and knowledge they need to effectively...

Duration:Each course should take approximately 60 minutes.

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