Western australian government training


Two new courses have been developed specifically as recommended courses undertaken as part of Western Australia’s state and local government training programs.

Accountable and Ethical Decision Making and Records Awareness are available to a broad number of government agencies through Learning Seat’s position on the education panel under the Western Australian government training provider Common Use Agreement (CUA).

These modules are not compulsory legislated training, but are recommended to government agencies to roll out in the course of their duties to provide Code of Conduct training to public sector employees.

Accountable and Ethical Decision Making

On completion of this course, government agencies should be able to provide ready and relevant compliance guidance to all workers. The Accountable and Ethical Decision Making module will also serve to improve the government organisation’s risk mitigation strategy and reduce workplace incidences resulting from a breach of compliance legislation. It engages the government workforce to develop a safe, fair, equitable and appropriate workplace culture through providing a clear benchmark for acceptable workplace conduct.

Employees undertaking the Accountable and Ethical Decision Making course will learn how to apply appropriate ethical decision making processes to their workplace and day-to-day operations. They will be provided resources to assess and implement ethical decision making policies and guidelines and learn to recognise unethical behaviours. By doing so, they will make a positive contribution to ethical decision making best practices.

Records Awareness

Government entities administering the Records Awareness course are providing their employees with ready and relevant compliance guidelines to improve their risk mitigation strategy. By engaging the workforce to create a safe, appropriate, fair and equitable workplace culture, incidences of breaches of compliance legislation will reduce through improved understanding and behavioural change.

Government employees completing the Records Awareness course will be able to demonstrate their responsibilities in creating, maintaining and disposing of government records. They will be able to identify and official record keeping system and have a greater understanding of when to create a record and what information needs to be captured. Staff will be able to determine how long records need to be kept and how they may be disposed of as well as the penalties incurred and potential consequences of inappropriate record keeping practices to create a positive contribution through best practice record keeping.

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