Health services

Arterial blood sampling

Indications, contraindications, and complications related to this procedureTo examine the status of the pulses before commencing the procedureWhen to perform and how to interpret an Allen's testThe st...

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Basic radiographic techniques

Discuss and utilize radiographic positioning terminologyDiscuss the care of the radiographic examining roomDescribe common radiographic positionsDiscuss the various approaches to dealing with trauma a...

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Basic ultrasound scan techniques

Define and explain related ultrasound terminology Identify orientation on the ultrasound image Identify and obtain cross-sectional anatomy on ultrasound images Identify vascular landmarks used in abd...

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Digital radiography & fluoroscopy, image viewing and PACS, and quality control

Describe the capture, coupling, and collection stages of each type of digital radiographic imaging system Discuss the use of silicon, selenium, cesium iodide, and gadolinium oxysulphide in digital ra...

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Introduction to bed safety

This course provides an outline of issues to consider for occupational therapists and physiotherapists conducting bed assessments for clients in the disability sector. It highlights safety concerns an...

Duration:Approximately one hour.

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