How to manage a team


This course introduces learners to the skills and knowledge required to support teams to achieve their goals and optimise performance. The course will look at developing plans, leading the team and liaising with management to provide the best environment for a team to achieve success.

Topics covered

  • Creating an environment that leads to positive and organised teamwork
  • Planning team activities
  • Managing team activities.

Learning objectives

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Identify characteristics of effective teams
  • Identify and explain types of teams
  • Identify and explain team roles
  • Align team goals with organisational goals
  • Facilitate  team cohesion
  • Define and explain role modelling
  • Recognise and explain leadership skills
  • Plan and schedule work tasks
  • Collaborate, give and receive feedback
  • Manage team performance
  • Recognise and respond to conflict
  • Liaise with team members and managers.

Business outcomes

Organisations implementing this course will:

  • Improve team cohesiveness
  • Foster an inclusive team environment
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Engage, retain and develop employees.

Target audience

This course is designed to be delivered organisation-wide. It applies to people leading a team, aspiring leaders and those responsible for managing a team.


Approximately 40 minutes

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