Introduction to change management


This course will provide employers and employees with the foundational knowledge to successfully manage and navigate organisational change. The course is a traditional text-based module that draws on key management research to contextualise the benefits and hallmarks of effective change management.

Topics covered

  • Change management explanation
  • The psychology of change
  • Key phases for implementing change
  • Change management success factors.

Learning objectives

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Define change management and its key benefits
  • Identify the different cycles of change and ways to manage resistance
  • Determine the role of culture in change management
  • Describe the key phases and success factors of change.

Business outcomes

Organisations implementing this course will:

  • Reduce the likelihood of increased staff turnover due to change
  • Better manage change initiatives across the organisation
  • Deliver more successful projects and organisational initiatives
  • Have access to cost-effective change management training for all employees.

Target audience

The course is designed for anybody who is involved in managing or leading change within an organisation.


Approximately 45 minutes

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