Law at Work Bullying


Would you recognise bullying in your workplace? Would you know what to do if you were being bullied?

This course provides compliance training about organisation and worker responsibilities in relation to workplace bullying. In this course, you’ll learn what workplace bullying is, the impacts that it can have, what the consequences can be, and how you can help prevent it.

Legal content is contextualised for learners via:
  • Real-world scenarios based on case law
  • Character point-of-view insights
  • Interactive decision points
  • Emotional connections to human stories.

This course is created in partnership with award-winning Australian law firm Lander & Rogers.

Topics covered

  • State and territory definitions of bullying and occupational violence
  • The difference between legitimate performance management and bullying
  • The impacts of workplace bullying
  • Potential causes of workplace bullying
  • Strategies for addressing workplace bullying
  • What constitutes the workplace
  • The legal consequences and penalties that apply to workplace bullying
  • Analysis of a range of legal case studies related to workplace bullying

Learning objectives

On completing this course, learners should be able to:
  • Describe what behaviours constitute workplace bullying and why it isn’t acceptable in the workplace
  • Identify what the law defines as a ‘workplace’
  • List the impacts of workplace bullying
  • Identify their legal rights and responsibilities with relation to bullying in the workplace
  • Outline the process for handling bullying in the workplace
  • Model behaviours that reduce the likelihood of workplace bullying occurring
  • Foster a fair and equitable workplace culture that doesn’t tolerate bullying in the workplace.

Business outcomes

Organisations implementing this course can:
  • Reduce the incidence of workplace bullying
  • Protect organisational brand and reputation from damage related to unlawful workplace behaviour
  • Deliver comprehensive and cost-effective appropriate workplace behaviour training to a wide range of individuals in the workplace
  • Strengthen employee engagement by implementing best practice compliance with appropriate workplace behaviour laws.

Target audience

The content contained in this course is suitable for:
  • Public- and private-sector workers
  • Workers, executives and board members across all industries
  • Workers, executives and board members at all levels of an organisation.


Approximately 40 minutes.

Written in partnership with

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