Law at Work Health and Safety


Do you know that you have a role to play in creating and maintaining a safe workplace? Safety culture is everyone’s responsibility – outdoors, on a construction site and in an office.

This course provides compliance training on the harmonised and non-harmonised work health and safety laws that govern Australian workplaces. You will learn why these laws are important and what you can do to promote a safe and healthy working environment in your workplace.

Legal content is contextualised for learners via:
  • Real-world scenarios based on case law
  • Character point-of-view insights
  • Interactive decision points
  • Emotional connections to human stories.

This course is created in partnership with award-winning Australian law firm Lander & Rogers.

Business outcomes

Organisations implementing this course can:
  • Reduce the incidence of workplace injuries, accidents and health and safety risks
  • Protect their organisational brand and reputation from damage related to breaches of health and safety law
  • Deliver comprehensive and cost-effective health and safety training to a wide range of individuals in the workplace
  • Strengthen employee engagement by implementing best practice compliance with health and safety laws.

Topics covered

  • Definitions of key work health and safety terms
  • Discussion of harmonised and non-harmonised workplace health and safety legislation
  • Workplace health and safety rights and responsibilities
  • Personal and organisational impacts of workplace accidents and injuries
  • The hierarchy of control measures
  • Strategies for preventing workplace accidents and injuries
  • Possible penalties for breaches of work health and safety legislation

Learning objectives

On completing this course, learners should be able to:
  • Describe the importance of creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace
  • Identify risks to health and safety in the workplace
  • Identify how they can contribute to work health and safety
  • Implement strategies to avoid and minimise risks to health and safety in the workplace
  • Outline how to report and respond to a health and safety risk or incident in the workplace.

Target audience

The content contained in this course is suitable for:
  • Public- and private-sector workers
  • Workers, executives and board members across all industries
  • Workers, executives and board members at all levels of an organisation.


Approximately 40 minutes

Written in partnership with

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