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LEARNCONNECT supports the delivery

The LearnConnect learning management system helps organisations assign, manage and monitor their blended learning programs. LearnConnect can be used as a stand-alone learning delivery system or in conjunction with instructor-led training programs.

LearnConnect offers the following features:

A remarkable learning experience

Branded learning experience

LearnConnect can be branded with your organisation’s colours, logo and images to ensure that users feel an immediate connection. 

User dashboard

User dashboard

The user dashboard allows users to see a holistic view of their learning. A progress bar provides an enrolment snapshot including assigned learning and status of enrolments. Users can be rewarded with badges on completion of learning. 

Manage course library


LearnConnect can house all your different types of learning. If you do not have any learning content, Learning Seat can provide a range of courses which can be used in LearnConnect. Click here to view Learning Seat courses.

Integration with HRIS and enrolment automation

Integration with HRIS and enrolment automation via ftp

You can sync payroll information into LearnConnect from your human resource management system. Business rules can be applied to automatically enrol learners into courses based on their user roles.

Manage users

Manage users and learning

You can view all users, the learning that they have been assigned and the status of that learning. You can also assign and approve learning with just a few clicks.

Search for and manage learning

Search for and request learning

You can search for courses in LearnConnect by using keywords or tags. This allows you to locate and request learning and for managers to be notified of learning requests.

Report on training

Report on learning

LearnConnect allows for the creation of custom reports with a variety of parameters to view what is important for your organisation. You can then export these reports in a PDF or Excel format.

View learning transcript

View learning transcript

You can view learning transcripts for your team, your division or for your entire organisation, including the status of all learning events.


Capture external or blended learning

LearnConnect allows you to create and assign external learning, for example workshops and  face-to-face events, as well as external certifications. This allows you to have a central location for all learning items for easy tracking and reporting.

Book a demonstration or request more information about LearnConnect

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