Learning management system

LearnConnect takes the hard work out of delivering, monitoring and tracking online training.

Improve the way you train with LearnConnect

Learning Seat’s learning management system (LMS) is called LearnConnect. LearnConnect helps organisations improve the delivery and monitoring of their online training programs.

LearnConnect offers the following features:

  • User interface which is simple and easy to navigate
  • Visually appealing dashboards that highlight training progress and recently viewed content
  • Learning and development reporting focused on training outcomes
  • Custom reporting capability
  • Wizards to assist in the deployment and management of your organisational training
  • The ability to sync employee information within any human resource management system
  • A fully integrated quiz, survey and assessment authoring and reporting tool
  • Face to face and offsite training event management system
  • Custom user roles and permissions to suit your business and organisational structure.

Book a demonstration or request more information about LearnConnect

Our business managers will be happy to take you through a demonstration of our learning management system. Call us on 1300 133 151 or click here to send an enquiry.