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Attention spans are getting smaller by the generation; to engage and excite our external partners, we needed tailored solutions for informative and interesting courses.

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Australian maritime safety authority (AMSA) talk communicating its marine safety message to australians

With offices all around Australia, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is a largely self-funded government agency with the charter of enhancing efficiency in the delivery of safety and other services to the Australian maritime industry.

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Exego, on training their geographically dispersed staff

Exego is one of Learning Seat’s largest clients. The organisation is spread across over 435 locations in Australia and New Zealand and has a team of more than 4,000 dedicated staff. It consists of four separate businesses including Repco, Motospecs, McLeod Accessories and Ashdown Ingram.

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We needed a provider who had compliance learning courses for both Australia and New Zealand. Learning Seat has the capability to deliver in both regions and the standard of courses is impressive. This allowed us to implement one system for our whole business rather than purchasing for Australia and then trying to find add-on products for New Zealand.

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“When making our decision to partner with Learning Seat, we were pleased to see the range of industries that had already chosen to build learning platforms; that meant for us we were dealing with a reputable company.” – Fiona Shanks

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