Microsoft Operating Systems


Learning Seat, in partnership with Atomic Training, brings you a ‘Microsoft operating systems’ suite of courses that will give your people the skills and knowledge they need to effectively and efficiently use Microsoft’s Vista, XP and Windows operating systems. In addition to covering the operating systems, the courses offer training in accessibility, calendars and mail.

Each course is delivered via a series of short videos, organised by topic. The courses can be used as traditional training courses or as just-in-time reference tools. 

Learning objectives

On completing these courses, learners should be able to:

  • Demonstrate greater proficiency in using Microsoft operating systems
  • Use Microsoft operating systems more efficiently. 

Business outcomes

Organisations implementing this suite will:

  • Improve productivity
  • Increase employee morale and motivation
  • Make the most of their IT budget.

Target audience

  • Public- and private-sector workers
  • Workers across all industries
  • Workers at all levels of an organisation.


Each course should take approximately 60 minutes.

More information

Please send an enquiry for a list of courses included in the Microsoft Operating Systems suite. 


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