New South Wales | Driving Change

Date : 26 August 2015, 26 August 2015   Time : 7:30 registrations for 8:00AM start, until 9:00AM   State : New South Wales

Venue : Lander & Rogers, Level 19, 123 Pitt Street , Sydney, New South Wales, 2000

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Road safety is one of the highest safety issues for Australian businesses

Learning Seat in Partnership with Driver Safety Australia invites you to this breakfast event called ‘Driving Change’. Join us on the 26th of August 2015 for a presentation that will discuss the topic of work related driving safety for your organisation.

Did you know that:

  • Australian research has revealed that road crashes are the most common cause of work related fatalities, injuries and absence from work. (Haworth et al., 2000)
  • Research conducted by Monash University Accident Research Unit in 2005, reported that fleet vehicles had a higher crash rate per 10,000 registered vehicles per year than non-fleet vehicles
  • Employers have legal obligations under ‘duty of care’ and need to be aware that work vehicles are as much a part of the workplace as the factory floor, office or workshop
  • Under the “Chain of Responsibility” legislation, employers must demonstrate that anyone driving a company vehicle is adequately trained and that all reasonably practical steps have been taken to reduce risk
  • It has been estimated that the hidden costs of a crash involving a work vehicle may be between 8-36 times that of the vehicle repair cost (Murray et al 2002)
  • Legal requirements governing work related driving mean that employers must demonstrate the same structured approach and commitment to this issue as they would to any other area of workplace health and safety.

Russel White, Managing Director at Driver Safety Australia, will speak to these topics in his presentation called Driving Change.


Russell White’s experience in the Driver Training Industry spans more than 20 years and he is widely regarded as one of Australia's leading Road Safety advocates.  Russell  has been at the forefront of some of the most recent research into driver training and established a joint research program with Griffith University on the Gold Coast. He is also the host of a weekly motoring program on Radio 4BC and has appeared on a number of television programs to talk about driver safety.


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