Employment law

Every private organisation and public agency in Australia and New Zealand is governed by employment laws. Health and safety laws mandate training requirements, and legislation designed to protect the rights and attributes of workers and promote appropriate workplace behaviour, present employers with a landscape in which they need to protect themselves against vicarious liability claims.

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Law at Work Misleading and Deceptive Conduct

Ensure that your organisation does not engage in misleading and deceptive conduct. Through the provision of comprehensive training you can take steps to ensure that your board and executive understand...

Duration:Approximately 20 minutes

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Law at Work Bullying

Would you recognise bullying in your workplace? Would you know what to do if you were being bullied? This course provides compliance training about organisation and worker responsibilities in relation...

Duration:Approximately 40 minutes.

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Law at Work Competition Law

A breach of competition law can compromise the integrity and success of your organisation. By ensuring that those with decision-making responsibilities are cogniscent of their obligations in this comp...

Duration:Approximately 25 minutes

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Law at Work Consumer Law

Compliance with consumer law obligations is critical for a successful and ethical business. It’s imperative that the executive and senior management are familiar with these obligations so that t...

Duration:Approximately 30 minutes

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Law at Work Electronic Communication and Social Media

Are you clear on how social media can be viewed as part of the workplace? Do you have a clear understanding about the business impact and personal consequences of inappropriate behaviour via email, te...

Duration:Approximately 35 minutes

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