Online Employee Induction

You only get one chance at a first impression

An employee induction is an essential part of your organisation’s onboarding process. It ensures that new employees understand the importance of the role they play in the success of the organisation.

However, research has shown that ‘22 per cent of staff turnover occurs within the first six weeks of a worker’s start date’ (Wynhurst Group (2007), SHRM Presentation

Engage your new employees

Learning Seat’s employee induction course can help your organisation provide new employees with the important information they need to get started in their new role, as well as providing them with a better understanding of your organisation’s values, culture and policies.

A well-structured induction course can also help educate your employees about compliance with workplace laws and regulations.

Our employee induction program has been designed to make the induction process easy, enjoyable and thorough for your new employees and your HR managers.

Why an online induction?

  • Online inductions are easy to deliver and can be accessed by employees working from any location. This ensures that all new employees have a consistent experience for their induction.
  • Managers can assign the induction course to their new recruits and manage their progress online, making onboarding faster and more efficient.
  • Compliance policies can be included in the online induction course, so that any employee that completes the online induction can access and acknowledge important company policies.
  • Our employee induction product has been designed to facilitate the development and delivery of induction programs by providing a proven road map for HR managers to use. The template design also ensures that new employees are given a complete introduction to their new role.

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