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Accountable and ethical decision making

This course will provide public-sector employees in Western Australia with the legally compliant training they need to foster an ethical and accountable workplace. The course provides an overview of t...

Duration:This course is designed for public sector employees in Western Australia.

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Anti-money laundering awareness

Would you know how to detect a suspicious transaction in your workplace? Are you aware of the financial and reputational risk that money laundering can pose to your organisation?This course is designe...

Duration:The content in this course is targeted at:organisations operating under the AML/CTF Actpublic- or private-sector organisationsworkers at all levels, from frontline employees to board level.

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Appropriate behaviour at work parties

Did you know that sexual harassment complaints occur more often following a work party? Are your workers aware that the usual workplace laws still apply to work parties? The purpose of this course is ...

Duration:The content contained in this course is suitable for:public and private sector workersworkers across all industriesworkers at all levels of an organisation.

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Arterial blood sampling

Step 1 - PreparationStep 1.1 - Patient preparationStep 1.2 - Tray preparationStep 1.3 - Operator preparationStep 2 - Cleanse the skin and infiltrate local anestheticStep 3 - Palpate for the pulse and ...

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Asbestos awareness

Do you understand the risks associated with the presence of asbestos on the premises? If so, do you know how to avoid disturbance of the material and thus exposure to airborne asbestos fibreThis cours...

Duration:This course is aimed at anyone working with or who may come into contact with asbestos.

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