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Meaningful education means relevant outcomes for your learners and real change for your workplace. Our comprehensive course library consists of hundreds of courses that could make a real difference to your organisation.

Learning Seat offers a comprehensive library of online vocational, compliance and professional development courses available across a variety of industries and topics. Courses typically contain detailed learning materials, activities, case studies, and online assessments presented through an engaging digital experience.

Learning Seat courses are developed using materials sourced from subject matter experts, both locally and around the world. Courses are rebranded with the client’s corporate identity as part of the system set-up and can be delivered via our Learning Management System or in most cases, the client’s own LMS if preferred.

Our course library covers:

  • Induction
  • Self development
  • Professional development
  • Leadership
  • Management and business
  • Project management
  • IT and computing applications
  • Sector-specific training
  • Compliance.


Learning Seat has partnered with leading law firm, Lander & Rogers to produce a compliance course suite that not only comprehensively covers workplace law, but also delivers this essential content through the most effective means for information retention. In plain English, we made compliance training fast, effective, fun and memorable, so you can achieve business objectives by mitigating risk while your staff enjoy undertaking the learning.

The Learning Seat compliance suite covers the following courses:

  • Workplace Bullying
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Privacy
  • Electronic communication and social media in the workplace
  • Consumer Law
  • Sexual harrassment in the workplace
  • Misleading and deceptive conduct
  • Workplace health and safety.

The S.A.F.E. Files approach to compliance training provides an array of benefits to your organisation including:

  • Richer content with less text.
  • Improved delivery for absorption and retention of information
  • Shortened seat times so staff can get back to their work faster
  • In the office or on the go, our compliance courses can be completed online on any device
  • Simple language coupled with graphics overcoming language and literacy barriers
  • Entertaining and memorable content for a more enjoyable learning experience.

Take the first step toward a safe, appropriate, fair and equitable workplace today.

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Soft Skills

Soft skills are often underrated in the value they can provide to managers and employees within an organisation.

Emotional intelligence and communication skills are key to the ongoing success of any organisation and a necessary addition to the professional development of your staff.

Relying on content partners who are industry leaders in emotional and behavioural intelligence we offer accessible ‘how to’ guides and assessments that develop almost every soft skill imaginable. Covering skill sets from emotional intelligence to improve communication between staff and with clients, right through to improving productivity with our suite of Microsoft Office training courses, your business will benefit from providing employees the opportunity to undertake a professional development course.


Our partnership with registered training organisation Accredited Online Training (AOT) gives us the capability to provide a host of online qualifications accredited by the Department of Education, Training and the Arts (DETA). Topics range from leadership and management, financial services, and training and assessment. What’s more, our partnership with Onetest, Australia’s premium online psychometric assessment provider means we also offer personal development assessments and courses suitable for all industries and organisational levels.

… and much more!


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