Fleet safety 101 course


Fleet safety 101 is a 10 unit course which provides the foundation for a full driver management program. It serves as an initial induction tool and provides a consistent platform for the development of drivers in a fleet. It is designed to cover a wide range of driving and road safety issues and provides a framework for an ongoing approach to work related road safety.

Topics covered

  • Road safety overview
  • Getting ready to go
  • Driving techniques
  • Safer driving skills
  • Life on the road
  • Adverse conditions
  • Tyres
  • Safety systems
  • Road rules
  • Vehicle care and maintenance

Learning objectives

  • Recognise worker and employer safety responsibilities around owning and operating work vehicles
  • Outline the key elements of work related road safety
  • Recognise the human factors in safe vehicle operation
  • Identify key techniques for driving safely
  • Describe potential driving risks and appropriate responses
  • Identify safe driving responses to adverse weather conditions
  • Outline the role bio-mechanics and vehicle dynamics play in safe driving

Business outcomes

  • Demonstrate compliance with Workplace Health and Safety laws as well as the Chain of Responsibility
  • Legislation
  • Reduce risk and enhance the safety of drivers in a fleet
  • Provide a uniform and cost effective road safety training program
  • Establish a core set of fleet safety principles to complement corporate values
  • Implement a best practice framework for road safety training

Target audience

The Fleet Safety 101 course is designed to be delivered to any organisation that manages a fleet of work vehicles.


Approximately 90 minutes.

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