Plant safety


Do you know your responsibilities under plant legislation? Do you have procedures in place to assess and manage your risk relating to plant?

This course encourages general awareness of legally compliant conduct and best practice relating to plant work health and safety (WHS). It’s designed to be delivered to employees in all Australian states and territories, and the Commonwealth. It should form a part of an organisation’s WHS strategy, and be supported by organisation-specific policies and procedures.

The course is split into two branches, non-manager and manager, ensuring learners receive information that is relevant to their role. On course completion, learners can re-do the course from the alternative branch.

It is a traditional text-based module that uses reflective questions, infographics, narratives and scenarios to contextualise workplace law and illustrate the consequences of non-compliance.

Business outcomes

By implementing this course your organisation can:

  • reduce the likelihood of WHS incidents in the workplace
  • better mitigate risks
  • reduce the number of successful WHS-related claims and help to reduce insurance premiums
  • protect its brand and reputation from damage related to breaches of WHS law
  • have access to cost-effective WHS training for all employees
  • achieve the highest standards of safety in the workplace.

Topics covered

This course covers the following topics:

  • what constitutes plant
  • key roles under WHS laws
  • duties and responsibilities
  • risk management process
  • hierarchy of control measures.

Learning objectives

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • identify key roles, duties and responsibilities
  • describe the risk management process
  • implement the hierarchy of control measures
  • outline specific risk control measures. 

Target audience

The content contained in this course is suitable for:

  • public and private sector workers
  • workers across all industries
  • workers at all levels of an organisation.


Approximately 30 minutes.

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