Project management - essentials


In this course, you will discover the features which identify a project, and be introduced to the various concepts and techniques you will need to use to effectively and successfully manage projects.

Unlike Process Management, Project Management is discrete in that the project has a limited lifetime.

Although many of the techniques you will need to apply are familiar, you will require other techniques which are, necessarily, quite different.

There are risks and uncertainties within the realm of project management which you may not have had to face before. This course will give you the insights necessary to address those uncertainties and minimise them.

Topics covered

  • Identify potential constraints on a project
  • Recognise that there are different approaches to project management
  • Define a project and its scope
  • Plan, prioritise, specify and obtain resources to plan a project
  • Produce a detailed project plan
  • Assess risk
  • Execute and monitor a project plan
  • Manage change
  • Complete and evaluate a project.

Target audience

This course is ideal for people from all vocations moving into a team project, or who are interested in moving into a project management role.


Approximately 4 hours.

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