Protect Pack


Our brand new Protect Pack is the perfect solution for companies that are looking for a large selection of e-learning compliance training courses to protect their brand and create a compliance culture.

What is the PROTECT PACK?

Protect pack is made up of a variety of different e-learning courses and comes in three different variations of our compliance training suites: The S.A.F.E. Files, Law at Work and Compliance Essentials.

S.A.F.E. Files

S.A.F.E. Files

Law at Work

Law at Work

Compliance Essentials

Compliance Essentials



Our compliance training programs are created with the help of Australian law firm Lander & Rogers to ensure our content is legally sound, and includes relevant and up-to-date case law.

We focus on producing e-learning compliance training that meets its legislative, regulatory and ethical obligations but also mitigate financial, criminal and reputational risk.

  • Up to $3 Million for breaches of the Work Health and Safety Act
  • Up to $1.7 million for breaches of the Privacy Act
  • Legal liability and subsequent penalties for cases of harassment and discrimination by workers


Give your workforce the tools and training they need to embody your vision and values, while creating a positive culture where your organisation will:

  • Foster a safe work environment
  • Help your employees identify unsafe and unethical behaviour and report it
  • Improve trust and brand loyalty
  • Minimise staff turnover and attract new talent
  • Boost productivity
  • Increase profits


Consumer law courses are an important part of creating a compliance culture and safeguarding your company against illegal practices in:

  • Consumer Law
  • Competition Law
  • Misleading Conduct
  • Trade Practices
  • And much more

Understanding employment law and fair practices in the Australian and New Zealand workplace is more important than ever. Our employment law courses cover a wide range of categories such as:

  • Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Electronic Communication and Social Media
  • Ethics and Conduct
  • Accountable and Ethical Decision Making
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Managing Poor Performance and Misconduct
  • And much more

Inadequate Health and Safety training can be severely costly to an organisation through medical bills, insurance claims, insurance premiums, replacement labour costs and lost productive time. Our Health and Safety library consists of crucial training in:

  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Emergency Management
  • Risk Management in the Workplace
  • First Aid Awareness
  • Fleet Safety
  • Incident Management
  • And much more

National privacy acts ensure that private organisations follow protocol when handling sensitive personal information. This training is useful for owners and employees, that handle personal information of clients or customers, which will help manage and mitigate privacy risks.

  • Privacy
  • Health Records Act
  • Privacy and Data Protection Act

Effective record management training is a crucial part of any size organisation to ensure that they understand their record management responsibilities.

  • Records Management Awareness

Did you know that 50% of businesses in Australia experience fraud? Would you know how to detect a suspicious transaction in your micro-business? These courses are designed to help you detect and prevent risks and foster an ethical workplace culture:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Fraud Awareness
  • Whistleblowers
  • Risk Awareness
  • Child Abuse in Schools
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