Reading people program


Would you like to learn the key to understanding your colleagues better?

Do you want to know how to read visual cues and body language?

This program will provide you with the skills to better read the people around you and understand the role emotion plays when doing so.

Learning objectives

  • Define ‘reading’ people.
  • Explain the differences between verbal, non-verbal and paralinguistic cues and indicators
  • Recognise the importance of the impact of perceptual filters when reading people.
  • Recognise the three levels of reads.

Target audience

Ideal for anyone who wishes to enhance their interpersonal and communication skills, this program helps you to determine what a person’s reactions actually mean and how to encourage others to open up and communicate better.


Approximately 2.15 hours.

The program is built around the New Intelligence: Behavioural Intelligence framework and includes the following:

Reading People – A Process

Can you tell what someone is thinking or feeling by ‘reading’ them? Reading people is not as easy as the movies make out. Every time we communicate, we give away lots of minute clues about how we’re feeling and what we really think of the situation.

This module introduces you to the concept of people reading.

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