Records management Western Australia


Good recordkeeping makes good business sense. Many Western Australian public sector employees are in some way responsible for the creation, maintenance and disposal of official records.
The ‘Records management’ course provides an overview of the responsibilities of public sector employees in maintaining official documentation, and provides a number of resources to assist the development of an effective recordkeeping plan.

Topics covered

  • Recordkeeping
  • The who, what and when of keeping records in the public sector
  • Recordkeeping plans
  • Record longevity
  • Appraisal and disposal
  • Best practice guide.

Learning objectives

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Demonstrate their responsibility in creating, maintaining and disposing of government records
  • Know when to create a record
  • Identify what an official recordkeeping system is
  • Determine how long records need to be kept and how to dispose of them
  • State the consequences of inappropriate recordkeeping practices
  • Make a positive contribution to best practice.

Business outcomes

An organisation implementing this course will:

  • Provide their employees with resources detailing compliance frameworks an decision-making checklists for future reference
  • Improve employee risk mitigation strategies
  • Reduce workplace incidences resulting as a breach of compliance legislation
  • Engage the workforce in a safe, fair, appropriate and equitable workplace culture.

Target audience

This course is designed for employees of Western Australian government departments and public services.


Approximately 30 minutes.

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