Retail excellence-State of mind


Retail Excellence is a suite of fully animated online courses. The suite comprises 16 titles designed to develop customer service and sales capabilities of people working in customer-focused roles.

State of mind refers to the complex mental states that determine the way we approach everything from friendships to work, sport and every other aspect of our daily lives. Our state of mind also impacts on our physical presence and can provide a strong non-verbal indicator of what we’re really thinking or feeling.

This module looks at how your state of mind not only impacts on your performance in the workplace but how it can also influence the amount of enjoyment and success you can have while you’re there.

Topics covered

  • State of mind defined
  • State control
  • State management
  • All in the mind…and body

Learning objectives

On completing this course, learners should be able to:
  • Distinguish the difference between useful and non-useful states of mind
  • Recognise the impact your physiology can have on your state of mind
  • Select state management techniques that will help you achieve and maintain a useful attitude and positive physiology in the workplace.

Business outcomes

Organisations implementing this course will:
  • Increase customer loyalty and brand reputation by delivering positive and engaging customer service.

Target audience

This course is designed for any worker in your organisation.


25 minutes
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