The Victorian Child Safe Standards - We All Have a Role to Play


Would your workers know how to recognise the indicators of child abuse? Can you be sure you have a child safe organisation? Introduced by the Victorian Government, the Victorian Child Safe standards are compulsory for all organisations providing services to children. Their goal is to drive cultural change in organisations to ensure that protecting children from abuse forms part of the everyday activities of leaders, staff and volunteers.

Victorian Child Safe Standards – We All Have a Role to Play, developed and built in partnership with the City of Melbourne and Knox City Council, will help your organisation do just that. It has been designed to provide your workers with the knowledge to recognise signs of child abuse, follow correct reporting procedure and, ultimately, model the behaviours that foster a child safe environment.

The content is presented in a traditional e-learning format with an engaging and child-like design, and features written scenarios that reflect read-world situations and contextualise the content.

Business outcomes

By implementing this course your organisation can:

  • help prevent child abuse and encourage reporting of any abuse that does occur
  • improve responses to any allegations of child abuse
  • deliver comprehensive and cost-effective compliance training
  • demonstrate compliance with the Child Safe standards

Topics covered

This course covers the following topics:

  • the Victorian Child Safe Standards
  • your responsibilities
  • types of abuse
  • making a report.

Learning objectives

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • identify factors that may indicate a child is being abused or may be abused in the future
  • identify the types of child abuse that can occur
  • recognise the seven Victorian Child Safe standards
  • identify their reporting obligations and actions they must take
  • model reporting behaviour that complies with Victorian legislation and Child Safe standards
  • contribute to a workplace culture that adheres to the legislation and the Victorian Child Safe standards.

Target audience

The content contained in this course is suitable for:

  • Victorian organisations in the public or private sectors
  • Victorian organisations that provide services to children


Approximately 30 minutes
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