Ulceration of the lower legs


This course will provide employers and employees with the information and knowledge to understand, assess and provide a practical approach to the management of lower leg ulcers. Written in consultation with the Australian Practice Nurses Association, the course is a traditional text-based module that is focused on providing practical strategies for health workers.

Topics covered

  • Historical background to lower leg ulceration
  • Anatomy and physiology of the lower legs
  • Diagnosis and investigation of the lower legs
  • Suitable treatments for lower leg ulcers.

Learning objectives

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Recognise the prevalence of the issue of lower leg ulceration
  • Identify the historical background to ulcerations in the lower legs
  • Outline the anatomy and physiology of the lower legs
  • Describe the operation of the underlying circulatory system in the lower legs
  • Recognise what happens when this system stops working properly
  • Identify key elements in the diagnosis of lower leg ulcers
  • List key treatments for ulcers.

Business outcomes

Organisations implementing this course will:

  • Increase awareness of the issue of lower leg ulceration
  • Increase incidences of correct diagnosis and treatment
  • Deliver comprehensive and cost-effective training for relevant workers.

Target audience

This course is designed to be delivered organisation-wide. It is specifically aimed at general practice nurses and healthcare workers involved in the care and management of leg ulcers.


Approximately one hour.

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