Venous cannulation

Topics covered

Step 1 - Preparation

Step 1.1 - Tray preparation

Step 1.2 - Patient preparation

Step 1.3 - Operator preparation

Step 2 - Select a site and apply a tourniquet

Step 3 - Cleanse the skin and infiltrate the local anesthetic

Step 4 - Insert the needle

Step 5 - Advance the cannula into the vein

Step 6 - Flush the cannula

Step 7 - Secure the cannula

Learning objectives

  • Indications, contraindications, and complications related to this procedure
  • Correct tray set up
  • Preparation of the patient
  • Familiarity with the equipment
  • Selecting a site
  • How to cleanse the site and infiltrate local anesthestic
  • Insertion of the needle
  • How to advance the cannula into the vein
  • How to flush the cannula
  • The ideal way to secure the cannula
  • Correct post procedure considerations and documentation 

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