Webinar | Why are leading businesses using online compliance training?

Date : 30 April 2015, 30 April 2015   Time : 12:30 PM to 1:30PM

Event Details

Join us for an in-depth discussion about how online training can ensure that your business is compliant.

We will talk about:

  • The advantages of online compliance training for your organisation
  • How to reduce the risk of successful claims of vicarious liability
  • The responsibilities of your managers and executives and how compliance training applies to them
  • What the courts say – does online compliance training really stand up against face-to-face training?


Our speakers for this event will be Lindsay Evans, Legal Counsel at Learning Seat, and Cameron Boucher Head of Channel Partnerships at Learning Seat.

Lindsay Evans   Lindsay Evans is a lawyer with seven years’ experience in employment law and managing workplace disputes. She specialises in combining commercial legal skills and compliance knowledge with the more creative, product development aspects of workplace compliance training.
Cam Boucher   Cameron Boucher is the Head of Channel Partnerships at Learning Seat, and is responsible for developing Learning Seat’s market share, establishing and managing its strategic alliances and partners. Cameron has worked collaboratively with numerous organisations across all verticals and sectors to implement online compliance solutions that align with their strategic L&D needs.



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