Workplace Ethics Program


Workplace Ethics

Are you confident your workers could identify unethical conduct? Can you be sure they would speak up if they saw a conflict of interest in the workplace?

Part of our new microlearning suite, our Workplace Ethics online program is optimised for smartphones. It's responsive and delivers bite-sized learning for maximum impact. Protect your brand and people from unethical conduct. Help your workers learn anywhere, any time.



Tab structure mimics mobile use

Using a mobile-first approach, Workplace Ethics is optimised for workers wanting to learn on the go. The program boasts a tab structure, encouraging learners to navigate through content in the same way they do on their smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The program is responsive, providing the optimum user experience, no matter the device.


Videos provide maximum engagement

Today's workers consume content primarily on their smartphones and tablets. Workplace Ethics allows them to learn in the same way. The program's videos portray authentic and realistic workplace situations, helping learners to relate to the content.

Reading tabs provide key information

Workplace Ethics has been designed with highly relevant, targeted information to increase workers’ awareness of unethical conduct - what it is, how to spot it and what to do if you see it. Combined with seamless interactions, the content addresses knowledge gaps, and primes workers for more learning.


Case studies Give the bigger picture

The program comes equipped with case studies based on real-life examples of unethical conduct played out across a range of sectors. They help your workers contextualise and bring into sharp relief the consequences of unethical conduct.


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Quizzes help learners assess progress

Every bite includes a short quiz, helping workers address knowledge gaps. Each quiz question offers a realistic workplace scenario and requires learners to make a decision, giving them the opportunity to experience risk and learn from the consequences of their decision.

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